Excellence in Mathematical and Scientific Typesetting

NAR Associates
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NAR Associates is a free-lance production house devoted to excellence in typesetting mathematical, engineering, computer science and historical texts and journals. We generally handle the preparation of the textural part of a book or journal, including copy editing, typesetting, sizing art, communications with the author(s), inclusion of PostScript art files, indexing and preparation of PostScript production files for the printer. The author(s) and editor(s) receive both galleys and page proofs. Galleys and page proofs are supplied as 300/600 dpi laser printer output.

We use TeX as a typesetting engine. We can work from author prepared TeX, LaTeX, Word, Word Perfect and ASCII text files, typewritten or even handwritten manuscripts. We can typeset to your composition specifications or provide book and journal design services.

We work with a number of major book publishers, including Springer-Verlag (New York and Heidelberg), McGraw-Hill, CRC Press and Cambridge University Press (New York). Some of our projects include:

The NURBS Book , Piegl and Tiller, Springer-Verlag (Heidelberg).
Applications of Fractals and Chaos, Crilly, Earnshaw and Jones, eds, Springer-Verlag (New York).
Fractals and Chaos, Earnshaw and Jones, eds, Springer-Verlag (New York).
State of the Art in Computer Graphics, Visualization and Modeling, Rogers and Earnshaw, eds, Springer-Verlag (New York).
Numerical Methods and Applications, Marchuk, ed, CRC Press.
Computer Graphics Techniques, Theory and Practice, Rogers and Earnshaw, eds, Springer-Verlag (New York).
Mathematical Elements for Computer Graphics, Rogers and Adams, McGraw-Hill.
Laminar Flow Analysis, Rogers, Cambridge University Press.

We have in-house experts with advanced degrees, including PhD's, in the areas in which we specialize. Specifically, we have professional expertise in Engineering and Science, Computer Graphics, Computer Science, History and Medicine. This significantly enhances our copy editing, typesetting and author interface capabilities.

Our rates are competitive and our work is first rate.

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Excellence in Mathematical and Scientific Typesetting