Dave Rogers and his 1969 E33A Beech Bonanza.

Technical Flying
David F. Rogers

The Technical Flying website contains articles on the effects of weight, altitude, gear and flap extension, tip tanks, parasite drag, engine upgrades, turbo-normalization, turns, vortex generators, etc. on aircraft performance. A number of formal comparative flight test results are also included. An E33A Beech Bonanza is used as an example. However, the results are conceptually applicable to most light general aviation aircraft.


In the past I have had difficulty with unethical people on the net downloading the technical flying articles and/or my technical papers and placing them on their personal website or server.

It is a little understood fact that the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act applys to ALL digital content and not just music and movies (CDs and DVDs). The purpose of the act is to prevent people from distributing digital copies of material for which they did not hold copyright or distribution authority. As a result, I took down the Technical Flying page until I could resolve this problem.

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